Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Beds2B Rewards?

    Beds2B Rewards is a rewards system that rewards travel agents who make reservations in the establishments of your hotel chain.

  • How does Beds2B Rewards work?

    The process is very simple. First, decide on the reward that you want to offer your travel agents. This could be a general reward for all of your establishments, or a specific reward for groups of establishments or a single one.

    Next, choose if you want to increase the reward in each of the available providers, as well as in your own hotel chain.

    After this, all the agent needs to do is access the platform and record the reservarvations made in your establishments, with an amount being assigned to it that matches the value that previously established.

    After the check out, the agent will receive the corresponding reward and will be able to redeem it for cashback, in the form of nights in one of your hotels or with their preferred provider.

  • Can the travel agent redeem credit in the form of nights in your hotel or hotel chain?

    This system gives you the chance to create discount vouchers that can be used in your hotel chain, which will be sent to the agent. He/she can then use these vouchers to make a reservation in one of your establishments.

  • Can the platform be customized so that it matches the corporate image of the hotel chain?

    Several aspects of the platform can be customized, meaning it can adopt a unique appearance that adheres to the corporate image of your hotel chain.

  • How long does it take for the system to be ready to use in the production phase?

    In just 15 days, the system can be completely customized and ready to be used by your travel agents.