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What is Beds2b Rewards?

How does the Beds2B Rewards platform work?

Beds2B Rewards is the only travel agent loyalty program for hotel managers. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

Rewards management

The hotel manager can set, depending on their targets and requirements, the value of the rewards that he/she assigns to each reservation.

Obtaining rewards

The travel agent can record their reservations in the system and check their credit.

Rewards redemption

The travel agent can redeem their available credit-in its entirety or partially-for cashback, nights in a hotel or rewards from a wide range of providers.

Sections on Beds2b Rewards

Backoffice for hotel managers

A simple tool with which the hotel or hotel chain, in an intuitive and personalized manner, is able to:

Set the parameters for calculating the value of the rewards for travel agents.

Standardize the reservations. You can verify the reservations loaded onto the system by the travel agent and their standardization, while also accessing incident reports.

Create, validate or delete travel agents from the platform.

Consult the travel agent ranking.

Publish news and new developments for travel agents.

Publish training courses with the “Academy” platform. Soon.

Create training certificates for travel agents. Soon.

Also, you can check:

The status of the credit for each currency associated with each type of reward.

Pending notifications and other incidents.

Sales statistics.

Website for travel agents

Intuitive and attractive website, personalized with the colors and logo of the hotel chain or establishment, where the travel agent is able to:

Record and consult the status of reservations made.

Consult their available credit and redeem it-in its entirety or partially-for cashback, nights in a hotel or rewards from a wide range of providers.

Consult and edit their user profile.

Consult news and new developments of the hotel chain.

Consult their position in the travel agent ranking.

Attend personalized training sessions of the hotel chain via the Academy platform. Soon.

Download training certificates. Soon.