About us


Beds2B Rewards is a travel agent retention platform developed by Beds2B®, technology development Company that creates solutions for hotel owners and with offices in Spain and Mexico.

We have our own development team with vast experience in the sector and that facilitates the operational and commercial management of hotel establishments.


Everything you need for your hotel

Beds2B Smart Booking

Our reservation engine B2C is conceived to convert your web traffic into reservations, increasing the conversion rate and substantially decreasing distribution costs. Easy-to-use, intuitive, versatile and highly customizable, Beds2B Smart Booking can be used in conjunction with the personalized hotel website package + 360º marketing: organic positioning (SEO), paid positioning (SEM), social media platforms, email marketing and much, much more.

Beds2B Pro

It is much more than a B2B booking engine. Beds2B Pro will also be integrated with Beds2B Rewards so the travel agents will obtain their rewards automatically. Hotels will not have to validate the reservations made by travel agents.